Name: BFG Token

Ticker: BFG

Chain: BSC (BEP-20)

Wallets: Binance Smart Chain

Smart contract address:

The BetFury team announced a new chapter for further BFG token enhancement by presenting an upgraded tokenomics. The novel tokenomics will support new buyback and lock mechanics for BFG.

The new BFG tokenomics allows users to track the distribution of the team's tokens across several streams: the BFG Staking Pool, community activities, marketing, and collaborative initiatives. The team's tokens are located at public addresses, demonstrating its transparency. 5,000,000,000 BFG β€” the total BFG emission.

The BFG mining ended on June 13, 2023, and no additional tokens were produced for the market. 1,665,842,606 BFG β€” the total burnt amount of the BFG tokens (contract address).

These BFG tokens are no longer a part of the BFG circulating supply and no longer exist within the crypto market. 1,000,000,000 BFG β€” the tokens held by the BetFury team are locked for three years within the BFG Staking pool as part of the stBFG staking process (contract address).

Following the initial three-year lockup period, a 1.8-year token unlocking phase commences. During this period, 5% of the staked amount will be unlocked monthly. 500,000,000 BFG β€” the tokens owned by the BetFury team for community activities and events (contract address).

Recognizing the importance of user experience, the team allocates funds for community development. The community is a vital indicator of a healthy project ecosystem and token, hence the team's commitment to its enhancement.

133,737,123 BFG β€” the tokens owned by the BetFury team, allocated to stimulate demand for the BFG token through various marketing initiatives and collaborations (contract address). 42,000,000 BFG β€” liquidity on crypto exchanges due to CoinMarketCap. The liquidity provided by our partners' platforms ensures efficient trading of BFG beyond the BetFury platform and is vital for its healthy growth. 1,269,592,272 BFG β€” circulating supply due to CoinMarketCap. The BetFury team aims to decrease the circulating supply of BFG through a novel and strategically built deflationary mechanism.

Note: Circulation Supply and Liquidity numbers on CMC update in real-time, so they may differ from the ones mentioned above. 388,827,999 stBFGβ€”locked by users in the BFG Staking pool for one year as part of stBFG staking (contract address).

10,000,000 BFG β€” was sent to the Treasury. This is a one-time initiative aimed to boost the token's value & reduce its circulation supply. Our team has accumulated part of the revenue over the previous few months to make this initial buyback. Further buybacks will follow monthly revenue according to the updated tokenomics.

These tokens will be incentivized to stBFG/BFG holders and active platform users (contract address).

*Treasury is a specialized public wallet where the BetFury team locks tokens acquired through monthly buybacks from the circulating supply and users’ lost BFG bets. These tokens are locked in the Treasury and periodically distributed as incentives to stBFG/BFG holders and active platform users. The team retains the authority to modify the terms of distribution as needed.

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