Utility & Sustainability

The team presents the distribution of GGR (gross gaming revenue) on the platform, which affects BFG token holders' profitability, replenishment of the Crypto Staking pool, BFG utility, and token sustainability.

Gross Gaming Revenue

*GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) - shows the difference between the money people bet and the money they win. This margin is calculated as a percentage of the total bets placed.

Firstly, GGR is closely related to strengthening the BFG token. The GGR is distributed in a systematic manner to facilitate major payouts and fund accumulation for certain features on the BetFury platform.


Funds from users' lost bets accumulated in GGR are partly directed to Payouts, including internal and external payments.

  • Admin fee GGR covers the essential infrastructure costs for supporting the platform, including payments to third-party services. A portion of the admin fee is allocated to game providers on the BetFury platform, while another is designated to pay affiliates’ commissions.

  • Bonuses All bonuses on the platform are distributed to users and referrals using GGR. When a user claims a bonus in BFG or if the bonus distribution is in BFG, the team conducts an internal exchange of any cryptocurrency for BFG, which further impacts BFG's deflation. For example: at BetFury, users can claim certain bonuses in various cryptocurrencies. If a user opts to receive up to a 25% Cashback bonus in BFG instead of BTC, the BetFury team will conduct a cryptocurrency exchange to acquire BFG tokens, facilitating the user's bonus claim in the preferred BFG token. Simply put, the team uses BTC to buyback BFG from the circulating supply.

  • Winnings

    Payouts cover users’ winnings on the platform, which are paid out from GGR as well.

  • Boosted Fixed-term Crypto Staking Boosted Crypto Staking and GGR have an influential correlation. Players participating in a Boosted Fixed-term Crypto Staking contribute to GGR, replenishing the staking pool. Users stake tokens in the Staking pool with a fixed term and place bets. The lost bets are directed to GGR, filling the Boosted Fixed-term Staking pool's rewards and ensuring APR. This cyclical process maintains high APR for players in the pools. In conclusion, users receive their lost bets as rewards through beneficial APR.

BFG Staking Pool

Considering all financial coverages through GGR, the rest of the funds could be the team's revenue; instead, these funds form a pool of rewards in the BFG Staking pool. According to the mechanism for replenishing the BFG Staking pool, the total GGR after Payouts is distributed among BFG and stBFG holders in the BFG Staking pool. This way, the BetFury team can consistently support the pool’s profitability for users by providing a high APY.

*The payouts in BFG tokens in the BFG Staking pool are carried out by exchanging another cryptocurrency of GGR into available BFG in circulating supply.

We must ensure a qualitative user experience with stable crypto earnings as a team. We are doing everything necessary for product development by forming strategic mechanisms to fuel the BFG token and crypto products related to its reinforcement within the BetFury platform.

BFG Utilities for Token Holders

The BFG token holders have many options for interacting with the token and receiving exclusive offers on the BetFury platform.

Staking BFG: every 24 hours, the BFG staking pool distributes 3% of the total platform’s profit among BFG holders. Users receive daily payouts for keeping only 100 BFG tokens on the account. Moreover, holding just one token can earn high income in BFG or five other cryptocurrencies: USDT, ETH, BTC, BNB, and TRX, with up to 50% APY. Users who convert their BFG to stBFG tokens and lock them in the BFG Staking pool will be granted x2 APY.

Trading BFG: we have many partnerships that allow users to trade, analyze, and store BFG tokens on various crypto platforms:

Exchanges: Biswap, PancakeSwap.

We offer a convenient crypto swap feature that facilitates fast exchanges for users who prefer to swap BFG within the BetFury platform. Wallets: Binance Wallet, MetaMask, Coin98, iToken Wallet, CCTip, ONTO, Coinhub, TrustWallet, Klever, Nabox.

Crypto analytics: CoinMarketCap, CryptoRank, CoinGecko, Dexguru, Crypto.com, BubbleMaps, Vulkania, Bogged Finance, Chainplay, LunarCrush.

Playing with BFG: BFG tokens offer an exciting gaming experience, allowing users to play Slots and Original games. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, BFG tokens provide an entertaining way to earn crypto rewards. In Original games, the minimum bet is a mere 0.00000001 BFG, allowing everyone to participate.

Betting BFG in Sports: BFG tokens are available for placing bets on Sports Betting. There are many betting options, with the most hyped sports and events enriching users.

BFG Bonuses & Events:

  • Rise your Rank on BetFury to receive up to 25% Cashback in BFG;

  • Loot fantastic Rakeback and Weekly & Monthly Bonuses from Rank 1;

  • Get the BFG tokens during Coindrop, Rain, etc;

  • Choose great Bonus Packs on the "Bonuses" page;

  • Gather Weekly and Monthly Bonuses in BFG based on your wager and lost deposit funds between accrual periods;

  • Be an active VIP user to earn BFG regularly;

  • Receive a boosted TG Monthly Bonus in BFG after connecting the BetFury Telegram Bot to your account.

The diverse utilities make the BFG token more resistant to market changes, while its deflationary strategy boosts its value over time. The features for utilizing BFG add to the token's usability among existing users and capture the interest of potential holders, contributing to its growing popularity.

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