Buyback, Lock & Burn

As BFG tokenomics has changed, we present a more efficient deflationary mechanism. The mechanism involves repurchasing tokens from the market using the BetFury team's revenue. The BetFury team is committed to fostering a healthy token economy and facilitating the continuous growth of the ecosystem. For these reasons, we have reinforced the BFG deflationary mechanism with additional processes.

stBFG token lock: a process of strategic token lock reduces BFG circulating supply and promotes value growth. The BFG holders convert their BFG to stBFG tokens in a 1:1 ratio, which can be used similarly to BFG on the platform. stBFG has no contract address or price and is not based on any chain but is backed up with real BFG stored on a contract on-chain. By converting BFG tokens to stBFG, users have their BFG tokens locked for one year and earn x2 APY on their stBFG tokens in the BFG Staking pool. The BetFury team has locked 1,000,000,000 BFG tokens for three years, opting not to benefit from the x2 APY but to earn from a regular APY in the BFG Staking pool. This lock ensures the team's serious commitment to token development and its deflationary model.

stBFG burn: the stBFG tokens, backed by BFG, are burned immediately when users make early withdrawals from the BFG Staking pool before the 1-year lock period, with a certain fee required where 50% of the fee is burned.

Lost BFG Bets Utilization

Lost BFG bets are directed toward bonus payouts, regular token burns, and the Treasury address.

BFG buyback & burn:

The monthly burn of BFG tokens will no longer include the burning of losing gaming bets and team tokens. Losing bets will be redirected to the BFG Staking pool due to all the GGR distributions. However, the BFG tokens lost through bets are included in the token burn process.

The tokens owned by the BetFury team are transparent and distributed across public addresses:

The tokens owned by the BetFury team are distributed across several streams: 3 years BFG lock, community activities, marketing, and collaborative initiatives. The team’s tokens are transparent as they are held in public addresses. The team uses funds from revenue streams of the platform to buyback BFG tokens from the market and conduct a monthly BFG token burn. The revenue streams include: - staked BFG by the BetFury team; - crypto staking penalty fee; - crypto swap fee; - borrowing liquidation and fee; - Futures fee; - stBFG early withdrawal fee. When burned, the BFG tokens are permanently removed from circulation, decreasing the available supply. Token burns also contribute to investors' confidence as they demonstrate a commitment to managing token supply and maintaining long-term value.

You may aссess all the BFG burns via the contract.

BFG Buyback & lock: every month, the BetFury team buys back tokens from the circulating supply using funds from the revenue streams mentioned above and locks them in a specialized wallet called Treasury. Once in a selected period, these bought-back BFG tokens will be incentivized to stBFG/BFG holders and active platform users. The team reserves the right to adjust the distribution terms.

*Note: the allocation of BFG tokens to the Treasury contract will occur with the next buyback of BFG tokens from the market (Treasury public address).

Summing Up

To gain a clear understanding of the previously provided information, please refer to the table below. The table illustrates the mechanics of locking BFG in the Treasury and conducting regular BFG burnings and what explicitly sustains them. This is a systematic deflationary mechanism that, on a strategic basis, strengthens BFG and provides unique benefits for its token holders.

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