Lootboxes Terms & Conditions

1. NFT LOOTBOXES โ€“ is a game on the BetFury platform, that is built on a random drop generator system. The player has the opportunity to win NFT or other prizes, namely: Free Bets, Free Spins, BFG tokens, and other types of crypto-assets by buying a spin.

2. The result of each round of NFT Lootbox is calculated in a deterministic way, taking into account a random starting number for each round and an additional starting number provided by the user when the โ€œspinโ€ button is pressed.

3. You must have the appropriate amount of funds on your balance to participate in the game. The spin cost is calculated based on the value of the Lootbox assets and is indicated in the Lootbox itself. You can spin with any currency available on BetFury, except FUNFURY.

4. By purchasing Boxes, you understand and agree that you may receive (a) the active(s) that has a fair market value equal to or lower than the price of the Box, (b) the active(s) that have a fair market value equal to or greater than the price of the Box, (c) NFT the price of which is not stable and may change due to circumstances beyond Betfury's control. After pressing the "spin" button price of the spin will be instantly debited from your account balance. Afterward, you will see a visual animation to signify the action. It is important to note that this animation is purely for display purposes of random asset drop process. The fallout of assets in each box occurs due to the random fallout of a number without any manual intervention.

5. If you win Free Spins as a result of the round, such assets appear in your Bonus cabinet and will be available for activation. If you win Free Bets - you can claim them in the Sports sections. If you win BFG or other crypto assets as a result of the round, such assets are credited to your account balance on the platform automatically.

6. . When winning NFT, the user can:

  • pick up the NFT itself or its equivalent in BFG, if this NFT is available on BetFury.

  • take the NFT equivalent in BFG or USDT if NFT is unavailable on the platform. The same provision applies if several users win NFT almost simultaneously or a user has already won the NFT that was won by another user before.

7. To replace the NFT, you need to contact support. After winning the NFT, the latter enters user's Bonus account. If the user does not collect his NFT within 7 days from the winning date, he will automatically be credited with the equivalent in BFG, and the NFT will remain as the property of BetFury.

8. If a user chooses to receive NFTs, it may take up to 72 hours for the NFTs to be credited to user's wallet. Ownership of an NFT is transferred to the user from the moment the NFT appears in their wallet.

During the same time, you will receive a message from us if something goes wrong or if we cannot transfer your won NFT to you. If we are unable to transfer NFT to you - you are eligible to receive the winning equivalent in BFG or USDT.

9. The price of the NFT in the Lootbox corresponds to the price at which BetFury platform bought it on the market or is equal to the market price if BetFury has not redeemed such NFT. However, the price is not limited to this and is not final. The price may vary due to many market factors, and BetFury is not responsible for such user changes.

9.1. If the market value of the won NFT becomes greater by 5% or more percentages than the price indicated in the corresponding Lootbox on BetFury platform, then we reserve the right to refuse the transfer of NFT and pay the equivalent of the value of the won NFT in BFG or USDT at the NFT`s price indicated in the corresponding Lootbox on BetFury platform.

10. NFT Lootboxes do not participate in Daily Battles. Cashback does not apply to NFT Lootboxes wager. All other BetFury platform bonuses - Weekly, Monthly, Rakeback, and Rank upgrading - apply on NFT Lootboxes. Sharing of NFT Lootboxes taking part in Share&Win competition.

11. Demo spins โ€“ means the user's trial play of the game without the possibility of winning and without withdrawing funds from his deposit wallet. The player uses a demo spin to test the game and understand the game's mechanics.

12. The player is allowed to make 50 demo spins per calendar day. Fairness does not apply to the demo spin.

13. In case of violation by the user of these rules or the General Terms and Conditions of BetFury, use of dishonest (fraud) methods, the platform reserves the right to notify the user of these circumstances, suspend the activity of such a user on the platform or completely block the activity of such a user and cancel all results will be won. In addition, the platform reserves the right to return the deposit or purchase amount to the user. Other funds and prizes are returned to the platform.

14. These rules are developed and operated exclusively on BetFury platform and only for registered users. Additional conditions and rules that are not defined by these rules are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of BetFury.

15. By using NFT in any way or under any conditions specified in these Rules, the user accepts the terms of these Rules and bears personal responsibility for all possible risks associated with such use and implementation.

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