Every user on BetFury has his personal Account - the place for making settings and tracking gaming activity such as bets, transaction history, total wager, personalization tools. Also here you can see your Rank and progress till reaching the next one. Changing of an avatar is available as from Rank 2. You may set the security related to email/pass such as change email, change pass, two-factor authorization. It provides maximum confidence for users that playing on BetFury is secure.

Decide what info will be public in your profile.

Privacy Policy ensures that BetFury protects the data you provide us with as from the moment you login and throughout your experience on betfury.io. Which information about our users do we publish? Only nicknames, amounts of big wins, Jackpots, TOP places in the events and competitions.

User Profile

User Profile contains the information about your activity which is accessible to other players. Visit Profiles of other users clicking on their avatars. Find a User in the internal chat and get to know him more thanks to gaming ℹ️nfo:

  • Rank

  • Chat Activity

  • Likes & Tips

  • Statistics

  • Top Favorite Games

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