Keep your Crypto Safe with the innovative in-house wallet on BetFury!

Vault is the innovative in-house wallet on BetFury where you can deposit or withdraw funds in a safe place without leaving the platform. This reliable tool will be extremely useful for players who aim to take winnings and losses under control, or simply donโ€™t want to hold all coins and tokens on the game balance.

Keeping your funds safe and sound has always remained the top priority for the BetFury team. You can take the ultimate advantages of Vault storage that has been specially designed to manage your funds in the most robust way and support the idea of responsible gambling on BetFury.

Read how to use super reliable Vault - https://betfury.com/news/vault-storage

Watch Vault Balance in Main Balance

Activate the option โ€œShow Vault Balanceโ€œ in the Main Balance field and control your funds easily. See the currencies for which you have balances in Vault. View your Vault balance in USDT. Vault balance is not available for playing!

โš ๏ธPay Attention:

  • Deposit/withdrawal on Vault is accessible in any available cryptocurrency on the platform with no restrictions on amount.

  • Transactions limit: one transaction per minute for one currency. That means, that you can't transfer one currency 2 times a minute, but you can transfer different currencies within this time.

  • Due to Progressive Lock Mechanism and the Farming feature, BFG tokens are not available for depositing on Vault.

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