๐Ÿ’ฐPromo Packs Terms & Conditions

  1. You can choose a Promo pack on the "Bonuses" page.

  2. The maximum number of packs per user is one pack with included bonuses. You can activate bonuses on the "Bonuses" page.

  3. A user can activate a bonus for free spins within 48 hours and a bonus for deposit within 72 hours. The time for activation will be written on the bonus card. Bonuses are automatically canceled if the user does not activate them on time.

  4. The Free Spins pack consists of two parts: deposit and non-deposit. The first part of the deposit pack will arrive once the deposit is credited to the game balance. The second part of the non-deposit pack will arrive in 24 hours since the first pack is received.

  5. The bonus packs have the minimum deposit amount and wagering requirements. One user can choose only one of the packs which consists of a bonus(es) to deposit and a pack(s) of Free Spins.

  6. To activate one bonus, a user has to make a deposit according to the required amount on the bonus card.

  7. By activating the bonus for the casino, you agree that the funds you have deposited to the balance will be used to redeem the given bonus fully or until it is canceled.

  8. Once a bonus is credited to your account you need to complete the wagering requirement in order to withdraw funds from the game balance.

  9. All the details on the bonus requirements will be displayed on the bonus cards.

  10. The minimum bet included in the bonus wagering is 0.1 USD. The maximum bet included in the bonus wagering is 10 USD.

  11. With an active Deposit bonus or Free Spins and/or other types of bonuses, a user can't bet more than 10 USD in any type of a game (including Originals, Slots and Live Games).

  12. It is forbidden to use the bonus balance to cheat the reward system. These actions will be considered fraudulent.

  13. betfury.com reserves the right to suspend, withdraw or cancel any payouts or winnings associated with bonus funds in case of suspected abuse of bonus offers.

  14. The bonus should be treated as a "free bet." The bonus cannot be treated as a cash equivalent. No monetary alternative, replacement, or transfer for any of the bonuses is allowed, except for the cases described in these rules.

  15. When you deposit your funds, they will be added to your Main balance. First, funds from the Main balance are used to unlock the bonus. Funds on the Bonus balance cannot be withdrawn until the bonus is fully redeemed.

  16. Attempting to circumvent the rules and conditions of bonus withdrawal will be considered a fraudulent abuse of bonus offers. If the rules violation is detected, betfury.com reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including the complete blocking of your account or the confiscation of funds won by dishonest means.

  17. You need to wager a certain amount to transfer funds from the bonus balance. A wager is the total amount of money spent on bets. Each bonus may have individual wagering rules, which you can verify on the back side of the bonus card.

  18. The multiplier determining the required bet amount will be set separately for each bonus. The multiplier varies depending on the game. For Original games, the multiplier is 0.2; for Slots and Live Games, the wager multiplier is always 1.0.

  19. To get your winnings made using Free Spins, withdraw the bonus on the deposit, and your winnings together with the deposit, it will be necessary to reach the required amount of the wager.

  20. The funds won from the bet are added to the balance from which the bet was made. However, it is possible to make a hybrid bet using both โ€œmainโ€ and โ€œbonusโ€ balances. The payout of such a bet will be calculated by the proportion to bet amount from each balance. As soon as the total wager amount is made - the bonus balance is available for withdrawal to your main balance. To do this, click on the โ€˜Claim bonusโ€™ button.

  21. The player can independently reset the bonus balance. All funds on the bonus balance and the amount in unfinished bets will be reset without the possibility of recovery. betfury.com reserves the right to reset the bonus balance and refuse the user to receive bonuses in case of fraud. Resetting the bonus balance is considered a reduction of less than 0.01 USD.

  22. You can use the bonus balance only in selected casino games. There are available games for wagering on the bonus balance in the All games tab in the โ€œBonus Wageringโ€ category. The bonus balance is not available for Sports Betting, Table Games, Special Games, some Slots and Live Games, as well as for the bonus functionality in the chat: Coindrop, Tips, and Rain.

  23. A wager made from the bonus balance cannot participate in any promotions, casino Tournaments, or Battles.

  24. In case of loss of all bonus funds, the bonus/bonuses will be canceled in the relevant currency. If the bonus balance amount is enough for only one bonus while two are activated, then one of them will be canceled.

  25. All the received winnings from the bonus rounds, free spins etc. will be credited to the bonus balance.

  26. Bonuses (Rakeback, Cashback), and Staking payouts are not accrued to the bonus balance wagering.

  27. Bonus unlocking takes place in a cascade method - the user makes a wager for the bonus that was activated first, then the second, etc.

  28. Upon cancellation or expiration of the bonus offer, the funds remaining on the bonus balance will be debited.

  29. It is prohibited to abuse any Game rounds, Free Spins, any cumulative Bonuses, and bonus games while playing with bonus funds. Any abuse of the above leads to blocking of the account with denial of services and confiscation of funds.

  30. If this violation is detected, betfury.com reserves the right to take appropriate measures, up to the complete blocking of your account and/or confiscation of the winnings.

  31. If you have active bonuses in your account that require unlocking, then withdrawing funds from the balance and using tips in the chat will lead to the cancellation of the bonus. Transfering of funds to the Vault will not be available until the bonuses are fully unlocked or canceled in order to prevent various types of fraud.

  32. If you have activated bonuses on your balance, all of them, without any exceptions, will be canceled after any withdrawal of funds in the currency of the bonus from your betfury.com account.

  33. betfury.com reserves the right to limit the issuance of Bonus offers without explanation and prior notice.

  34. With an active bonus for a certain currency - all the above restrictions apply only to this currency, there are no restrictions for other currencies, and any actions on them will not affect the bonus.

  35. It is forbidden to hold the main balance in a multi-round game, sports betting, and play on the bonus balance at the same time. Bets on bonus funds are not included to the Jackpot and Auction pools.

  36. All referral bonuses are calculated only from bets which were made with the main balance.

  37. To win the Jackpot, a bet can be made from the main and bonus balance at the same time, but bets made only from the main balance take part in the Jackpot draw and calculation of the jackpot amount.

  38. The wager of the bonus balance is not included in the total wager of the account and does not affect the progress in raising the Rank of the account.

  39. To withdraw funds from the account or get Coindrop or Rain in the chat, you need to complete the wagering requirement using only the main balance.

  40. It is possible to activate several bonuses at the same time, while the wager is first made for the bonus that was activated first and then by the cascade method.

  41. In case you lose the bonus balance below the amount of 0.01 USD, then your bonus will be automatically canceled.

  42. The maximum amount of bonus payout to the main balance is ั…1.5 from the initially accrued bonus. In case the bonus balance is more than ั…1.5 from the initially accrued bonus, the rest of the bonus balance will be deducted in an attempt to claim the bonus to the main balance.

Deposit bonus in the form of % to the deposit

  1. Each bonus has a minimum deposit amount, maximum bonus amount, time for activation and unlocking, as well as a maximum and minimum bet.

  2. In order to activate a bonus, you need to make one deposit relevant to the required amount. To activate two bonuses you will need to make two separate deposits of the required amounts for activating each bonus.

Free Spins

  1. The minimum amount of one deposit to receive Free Spins is written on the bonus card.

  2. Free Spins bonus consist of two parts: deposit and non-deposit.

  3. The total amount of Free Spins pack is divided into 2 parts of Free Spins each.

  4. In order to activate all Free Spins and receive its two parts in the form of Free Spins, you need to make a deposit with a minimum amount.

  5. To use Free Spins, you need to select an available game from the list.

  6. The non-deposit part of Free Spins will arrive 24 hours after the activation of the previous deposit part.

  7. If the user cancels already activated part of the Free Spins after making the deposit, the next part of the non-deposit Free Spins will not come to user.

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