Free-to-Play is a well-known feature in gambling, which allows playing for free without real currency. Open Free BTC Box (from Rank 2) every 60 min. Tricky Mr. Fury also gifts free BFG tokens to attentive players just for catching him. The Free-to-Play feature expands the range of possibilities.


This is the free platform token, which can be obtained in Fury Wheel and Free Box. It is available for all Rank 1 Betfurians. As soon as you get FUNFURY tokens, you can place bets (Min bet - 10 FUNFURY) in the Original games. FUNFURY bets do not participate in Mining, Staking, total wager, Cashback, Rakeback accrual, or Referral bonuses.

Fury Wheel

You can get FUNFURY tokens and real crypto up to 1 BTC. Special Fury Wheel rewards users of Ranks 2-16 with real crypto.


Get up to 7 200 free FUNFURY tokens daily by withdrawing tokens every 60 min.

FunFury Battle

Place bets in Original Games with FUNFURY & join the FUNFURY Battle to win real crypto! Move up on the leaderboard and share $150 in USD daily! The competition starts every 12 hours. It's available only for Rank 1 users. Players can track recent winnings on the Leaderboard, and 300 winners share the prize pool. At the end of each competition, the FUNFURY balance is reset to zero for all users.

Play with pleasure and participate in the daily FUNFURY Battle to get real crypto!

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