💸VIP Bonuses

VIP Bounty Bonus

This Bonus is a special reward available only to VIP players. It’s based on wagers in different categories and deposit funds lost between accrual periods. VIP Bounty Bonus is calculated based on activity across the platform from Monday to Sunday and accrued in three equal amounts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the next week at 10:30 UTC. VIP Bounty Bonus is fully credited to the balance. The Bonus never expires.


Only closed sports bets with a coefficient of 1.1 or more are considered.

Birthday Bonus

Birthday Bonus is a special gift from Mr. Fury to honor your Birthday. It is calculated automatically once a year, based on the date entered in the KYC form or a special pop-up. Please note that the date of birth can be changed only once and with documentary confirmation of the new date. The bonus is fully credited to the balance. Birthday Bonus never expires.

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