NEW BetFury Bot: Get Special Bonuses on Telegram

Would you like to receive additional rewards and the latest news from BetFury on Telegram? Meet the new BetFury Bot! Enjoy the fastest access to the platform and earn more crypto.

➡️ Connect BetFury Bot to your Account

What can BetFury Bot do?

The main task of the Bot is to improve the gaming experience by providing faster access to the platform from Telegram. By following direct links, you can quickly travel around BetFury in a few clicks. Every Bot subscriber gets convenient platform notifications and receives Special TG Bonuses, boosting his crypto rewards. Moreover, you can join a Referral Program and get 24/7 support regarding any issue. Let’s check out the main prizes from BetFury Bot.

🛍 Receive Boosted TG Monthly Bonus

TG Monthly Bonus boosts the existing Monthly Bonus from the Bonus Cabinet. It becomes active when you connect the Bot to your account. The main difference between a reward with and without a connection is the opportunity to make more money. The multiplier boost depends on your Rank:

  • Ranks 1-4: x2

  • Ranks 5-9: x2.33

  • Ranks 10-14: x2.67

  • Ranks 15-20: x3

Even if you connect the BetFury Bot at the end of the month, your Monthly Bonus will be calculated with the new increased rate. So, use this chance to get more rewards and receive up to x3 boost to your Monthly Bonus.

🎡 Spin Beneficial TG Wheel

Do you want to get up to 5 BTC directly on Telegram? It becomes possible thanks to the TG Wheel – a new analog of the Fury Wheel. When you connect the Bot to your account, the Fury Wheel will be replaced with the TG Wheel, which provides boosted crypto prizes. There are three versions of the TG Wheel, depending on your Rank:

The higher the Rank – the better rewards you can get. All VIP Club members can win exclusive prizes, including 5 Bitcoins! Therefore, spin the TG Wheel every 12 hours and try to knock out even more BTC, USDT, ETH, BFG, SOL, and other top currencies.

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