Cashback is available for everyone from the beginning of using the platform. The more you play on BetFury โ€“ the higher the Rank and Cashback amount you will get. Cashback is calculated twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. It allows you to regain up to 25% of deposit funds lost between accrual periods. Please note that the amount specified in the Bonus may change. The bonus amount depends on the total amount of lost funds, and if there were winnings during this period, the final amount of Cashback will decrease.

The percentage of the Bonus depends on the playerโ€™s Rank and the category of the game:

When Cashback is claimed, part of the Bonus goes to the balance, and the other part is distributed to the Bonus calendar.

Cashback Distribution in Calendar

Ranks 1 โ€“ 5: 50% of the amount goes to your balance 50% of the amount goes to the calendar for 3 days

Ranks 6 โ€“ 10 (including VIP transfer): 75% of the amount goes to your balance 25% of the amount goes to the calendar for 3 days For VIP players, 100% is credited to the balance

๐Ÿ—“ The minimum amount for distribution to the calendar is $0.003 per day. The smaller amount is credited to the balance in full.


The bonus will expire if you do not withdraw the accrued Cashback before the next accrual. Cashback is calculated only for bets in Casino and Sports. Sports bets include:

  • Closed bets with a coefficient of 1.2 and more;

  • Rank 1-12: Only combo bets or system bets count;

  • Rank 13-20: All types of sports bets are considered.

Disclaimer: In case bonus abuse or illegal methods of obtaining Cashback are detected, BetFury reserves the right to stop (in full or in part) the accrual of Cashback to the player.

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