NEW Staking With the Highest Profit – Up to 60% APRs

BetFury expands the boundaries for all crypto enthusiasts. Enjoy the new Earn tool for passive income – Crypto Staking with up to 60% APRs! It’s one of the most beneficial offers in the industry. Choose between Flexible and Fixed-Term mechanics and stake top currencies for maximum profit. It's time to consider Crypto Staking and determine how it works.

➡️ Earn Up to 60% APRs

About Crypto Staking

This is a universal Earn tool for making money by holding popular cryptocurrencies. BetFury offers Staking of BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, TRX, and other currencies. BFG Staking remains in a separate tab with the same conditions as before. Let's look at the mechanics of Flexible and Fixed-Term Crypto Staking and check out things that will help you maximize and calculate your income.

Flexible Staking

You are already familiar with this mechanic from BFG Staking. You hold cryptocurrency and receive income without having to lock up assets. It is quite convenient because of the opportunity to take your funds back anytime. Whether you're an experienced investor or just stepping into the crypto world, Flexible Staking opens doors to secure, risk-free, and rewarding opportunities.

The reward percentages depend on the selected pool and are accrued 30 minutes after confirmation. The minimum harvest for Flexible Staking is $0.10. The reward will be accrued in the currency you staked. The entire amount upon withdrawal will be divided into two parts: 80% of the income will go to the game balance, and 20% will be distributed in the Calendar.

Fixed-Term Staking

This mechanic of Crypto Staking offers top rewards in exchange for freezing your funds. You can choose 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days or select some for a few contracts. One APR will be in effect for the entire duration of the blocking. The longer the selected period, the higher the APR and Staking payouts.

The reward percentages of Fixed-Term Crypto Staking are accrued once a day. They don’t depend on the dollar exchange rate and are static, without conversion through fiat. Rewards are distributed to your balance and put into the Calendar with a share of 80% to 20%, respectively. The reward will be accrued in the currency you staked. The minimum harvest for Fixed-Term Staking is $0.10.

If you think you can add more crypto for Staking, you can always create a new contract. If your funds are locked in the Fixed-Term Crypto Staking, you can withdraw them only with an Early Redemption fee.

In this instance, you will return your assets minus your reward and the 5% fee. For example, you staked $1 000 and chose Fixed-Term Staking for 30 days. If you harvested a reward on the 15th day and closed the deal on the 16th, you will get your $1 000 - claimed reward - %5.

🔥 Boosted Fixed-Term Staking

Boosted Fixed-Term Staking can increase the reward, allowing you to get maximum profit from this Earn tool. If you chose a long period and fulfilled the additional wager condition, your APR will be higher. Wagering can be done using other currencies. If you did not make the specified wager within the allotted time, you would receive a reward from the Flexible Staking.

Example of BTC Fixed-Term Staking

  • Fury goes to the Earn → Crypto Staking tab.

  • He stakes $1 000 in BTC and chooses 30 days.

  • Fury loves to play Original games, so he uses Fixed-Term Staking with Wager. Fury sees the x3 wager requirement ($3 000 in our case) and completes it within 30 days.

  • At the end of the period, he receives a cool BTC reward for Fixed-Term Staking with an additional bonus for the wager.

🍕 Referral Program - Get up to 15%

Each referrer can earn money if his referrals participate in Staking. BetFury offers up to a 15% reward for all referrals. The reward depends on the number of BFG tokens on your balance at the moment of rewards accrual and the chosen Staking type. The more BFG tokens you have on your balance at the moment of rewards distribution, the more rewards you get! If your referral chooses Fixed-Term Staking, and you have less than 600K BFG, the percentage will be 5%. If your referral chooses Fixed-Term Staking with Wager, and you have over 1.8M BFG, the percentage will be 15%! All rewards from the referral program will be paid in BFG or USDT.

✅ Auto-Subscription

This feature allows you to create new Staking contracts automatically after the current one expires. By checking the “Auto-Subscription” box, you can easily take advantage of favorable conditions in the future.

🧮 Staking Calculator

You can easily calculate your income when using any functionality. The Staking Calculator will help you estimate the profit from Fixed-Term or Flexible Staking and show it on the screen.

Join BFG Staking with x2 APY: Up to 70%

BFG Staking is a unique tool that allows you to receive top currencies daily for holding over 100 BFG on your balance. Its profit can reach up to 50% APY and be doubled using stBFG – a special internal BetFury token. Convert BFG to stBFG on the BFG Staking page with a 0% fee. New stBFG tokens will be locked for 365 days, allowing you to get an x2 APY boost. Thus, as a stBFG holder, you will receive twice as much profit as regular BFG holders.

To sum up, the new Crypto Staking is an amazing opportunity to profit from top cryptocurrencies. Train on Flexible Staking and try Fixed-Term mechanics for maximum profit. Use Auto-Subscription and calculate your income using the Staking Calculator. Play Slots and Original games to increase your wager and get even more crypto. We wish you good luck and great earnings. We hope you enjoy this novelty 🤍

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